Monday, June 8, 2015

We Play Unplugged

Have you heard of the We Play Unplugged program yet?


It is this seriously amazing program that encourages kids to turn off the electronics and get out and explore, learn, and have a good time playing. Outside. Away from video games and TV.

Okay, okay, I get it! It's summertime, the kids don't have school, and they've been waiting ALL YEAR to play their video games (or binge watch their favorite cartoons) without having to worry about reading, homework, and bedtime. But too much of a good thing is bad, right? Especially when it comes to screen time. Just read the myriad studies on it, and it will have you wondering why you haven't limited the kids to 10 minutes a day before now! haha (No, seriously, I found myself wondering that after reading several of them.)

Watch this short video for more information on this great program. I promise, the kids are going to love it! My kids participated last summer, and it was seriously the highlight of the year. They couldn't stop talking about it!

So, why am I telling you about this awesome, amazing program to get all our kids up and moving and outside?

Because this year Sweetbriar Cove is participating!

We are super excited to be sponsoring the BAKER brag badge! We've already had a bunch of kids come in and claim their badges. But don't worry if you haven't yet, you've got ALL summer long!

So, I hope we'll see you all soon at the shop!


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